Whacking some trout at Bennett Spring State Park

Chuck Kurtz, son Justin, and son-in-law Eric Pokorny, Seattle, take a weekend excursion to Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon, Mo., and caught their fair share of trout.

Merry Christmas


Don’t suffer from Voter Insanity

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

As voters, sadly probably not that many, cast their ballots in today’s mid-term primary election, I offer a simple observation.

It is not designed to be an endorsement of any candidate or party. Merely just something to think about while in the voting booth.

In the past 6 years — even the past 14 years, which covers the terms of two presidents, one Republican and one Democrat — what have our elected officials in Washington accomplished to better our country, to provide the opportunities for individuals to improve their lives? Continue reading

A victory for corporations; a blow to individual freedoms

The High Court seems to be consistent in defining corporations as individuals in their rulings against real people and allowing corporations to influence politics with unlimited cash donations, unfiltered, half-truthed and often downright false advertising. This decision doesn’t give power and individual freedoms back to the people, it provides an avenue of control by corporations over the people. I say this not as a conservative or liberal, but realizing that conservative and liberal corporations certainly will take advantage of the ruling.

Seattle Part 2

Outdoor Guys to plug Olathe Kids Fishing Derby

Tune in to The Outdoor Guys Radio Show today, May 29, at 4 p.m. (CDT), on ESPN 1510 Kansas City.

Today’s guest is Steve Green, TopCat Fishing. When it comes to catfish, Steve Green knows of what he speaks. Steve and fellow catfishing expert John Trager will be presenting a seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Olathe this Saturday.   Steve joins Ken Taylor and Brian Wright in the studio today to discuss the seminar and give listeners some tricks and tips for catching the biguns!

Also on the show today will be Chuck Kurtz talking about the upcoming 33rd Annual Free Olathe Kids Fishing Derby that will take place June 14 at Cedar Lake in Olathe.

Listen on your radio, internet, via podcast, or RSS Feed. 

The Outdoor Guys/ESPN 1510 Kansas City

PorchFestKC June 14

PorchFest promo for keithTo see the rest of the entertainment lineup, click here.


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