The people will pay for president’s religious ‘accomodation’

One of these days, politicians are going to learn that nothing is free.

One of these days, politicians are going to learn that the less they do, the country will be better off.

One of these days, politicians are going to learn that the people are in charge.

President Obama Thursday, Feb. 10, relinguished his demand that faith-based hospitals and universities must provide free contraceptives as part of health care plans to their employees that include the so-called morning-after pill even though such practices go against their basic religious beliefs. Bowing to pressure by faith-based groups, specifically Catholics, he ordered an “accomodation” (compromise in basic political correctness) by putting the burden on the insurance companies of these faith-based hospitals and universities to provide these”preventive” constraceptions at no charge. 

Mr. President…nothing — NOTHING ever mandated by government, especially the federal government, ever is free.

So, in appeasing the religious groups crying foul and bellowing about the constitution guaranteeing religious freedom, the president’s decision now, financially, affect all Americans rather than just these faith-based employers.


Well, how about a little participation? How many of you reading this think the health insurance companies out of the kindness of their hearts and because the president said so, will simply absorb the cost of providing these contraceptives to people? Raise your hand if you think that will happen.

Hmmm….I’ll give you a few more seconds to think about this….(Insert Jeopardy theme song here)…OK…time’s up…Time to count hands…Looking…Looking…

OK, I saw just one hand and it belonged to Michelle Obama so her vote doesn’t count.

As this health plan is implemented, the cost of these free constraceptives will be distributed and passed on to other companies and individuals through increased premium costs. It’s the cardinal rule of business; free market at work and increased financial burdens being passed on to consumers because of meddling by politicians.

The federal government needs to protect America’s interests, its borders, the environment, and its people through a strong military. It should enforce immigration laws. It should balance the budget every year. It should create regulations to stop greed and illicit business deceptions of which the American people have seen too much of and have paid the price. 

And then, it should stay out of the lives of the American people.

Americans are tired of paying the price of political fiascos and bureaucracy bunglings.

And one of these days, they are going to teach the politicians a lesson by letting them know who really is in charge.

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