Mail tampering or mail fraud? You decide

Are you tired of paying taxes to support Johnson County Community College? Do you think you were scammed into voting to have your tax dollars support the Johnson County Education and Research Triangle?

If so, then consider joining my organization: Johnson Countians Against Frivolous Tax Spending (JCAFTS).

I’m in the process of securing financial funding for my organization from some really, really rich people, will solicit private donations, and will seek the backing from chamber of commerces throughout Johnson County. Johnson Countians soon will be receiving fliers in the mail asking for their opinions as well as donations to help the cause.

Although the return address of the fliers will be to the JCAFTS post office box, the name of your county commissioner will be on the return address of the flier so that my organization will be able to forward your coments to that commissioner. Of course, we will only forward comments supporting our cause.

Stunned? Angry? Confused? Think this sound illegal and should be stopped?

Although the JCAFTS is fictious, the practice is not and has created a postal, if not ethical, controversy for Johnson County State Sen. Terrie Huntington, R-Fairway, with an anti-tax group called Kansans For No Income Tax (KFNIT). The group, which is supported by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and is believed to be financially backed by the Koch brothers in Wichita, recently sent out fliers to Huntington’s constituents seeking financial donations and information on private businesses in the guise of supporting Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax plan.

KFNIT and the Kansas Chamber support Brownback’s plan to eliminate many tax credits and exemptions, deductions for charitable contributions and mortgage interest, and reducing the state’s income tax rates while continuing what was to be a temporary three-year increase in the state’s sales tax. The return name on the fliers was Terrie Huntington, but the address was the KFNIT’s private post office box: Post Office Box 4382 in Overland Park.

It should be noted that Huntington is one of eight senators the KFNIT and the Kansas Chamber has labeled as moderate Republicans they are working to replace with more conservative candidates this fall.

Huntington got word of the scheme when she was contacted by constituents who thought the information they sent were going directly to her. She called and went to the post office and was told by a postal employee she did have mail with her name on it but it had the KFNIT post office address.

KFNIT alleges that Huntington should be charged with mail tampering. Huntington alleges KFNIT has committed mail fraud. The post office has put a hold on the KFNIT mail box and is investigating to determine who has a right to the mail: Huntington because it has her name on it or KFNIT because the mail was sent to its post office box.

This is nothing more than dirty politics, typical of the Koch Brothers tactics, not only in Kansas but also throughout the nation, and is fraudulent. Even though KFNIT says it would have forwarded the return mail postcards to Huntington, who is to say it would have only forwarded those cards supporting its cause. It also attempted to raise financial funds, which I doubt would have been forwarded to the Senator’s office.

I think KFNIT is in the wrong and Huntington had, and has, the right to ask for and receive the mail with her name on it.

What do you think?

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