An entry in grandpa’s diary

Howdy “D”…

It’s Friday, May 4, 2012.

…Up early today. I slept good last night, but was a little anxious for the morning sun. Babysitting granddaughter, Rylin, today. Supposed to be at my son’s house at 9. So I got there a little early….big deal!

…After making us some “hot tea” on her play kitchen (and it was soooo good, too) I was finally able to get her socks and shoes on; we’re having breakfast this morning…just Rylin and me.

…We’ve ordered and now we’re playing tic-tac-toe on the kid’s menu at First Watch…oops, now we’re playing connect the dots — kinda — as much as a 2-1/2-year-old can connect dots…oops, now we’re searching for words in the scramble. She looks for the first letter or two and then we find the word…she likes crossing off the word once we find it…OK…I might help a little in finding the word, but she finds the first couple of letters most of the time.

…Food’s here: scrambled eggs, ham, toast, watermelon and chocolate milk for Rylin; blueberry pancake for me, which Rylin will eat half…I don’t know where this little girl puts all the food she eats…it’s amazing!

…Now it’s off to the library in downtown Olathe…she likes to pick out books and have me read them, which I don’t mind doing…first we play some learning games for children on the library computer…Rylin points to the screen and I click the mouse…we’re a pretty good team…then she meets a friend today: Lydia who soon will be 2-1/2…they play with blocks building towers and then Rylin begins playing with other things…after awhile, she’s ready to pick out a couple of books and I read them.

…Lunchtime and I call wife Terri (Mee-Moo to Rylin) and we meet for lunch at a Chinese restaurant…Rylin’s glad to see Grandma Terri…Rylin eats rice, chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and her fortune cookie…I’m still full from breakfast and have a difficult time getting down my soup…and then, before we leave, Rylin takes a lollipop and Tootsie Roll from the bowl at the door…where does she put it all????

…Stop briefly at my son’s house to pick up some clothes for Rylin and a couple of her favorite dolls: Diego and Dora the Explorer…she loves Diego!!! and then it’s on to grandpa’s house where Rylin promises she will take a nap.

…In bed with dolls and stuffed animals;  she wants some milk in her special Dora cup…I give her the first of four servings of milk…she fidgets and turns and plays with her animals…then she has to get up and go the bathroom…fidgets some more…wants to be rubbed on her back…then her belly…then her arm…wants more milk…plays with the stuffed animals…With the wisdom of my old age, there was a reason I let her bring her two dolls: “If you don’t stop moving around and if you don’t take a nap, Diego is going into the other room!” That works for about 30 seconds — maybe — then more squirming and fidgeting…”Alright, Diego’s going into the other room!” … “No!” and then she grabs him and turns over on her belly…This goes on for 15 minutes or so and then…”OK, Dora’s going into the other room!” and I take Dora away and don’t come back with her…that get’s Rylin’s attention…she’s quiet for a couple of minutes and then starts squirming again…”That’s it! Give me Diego!” and I grab him…A frantic look comes over Rylin’s face…”You going to go to sleep?” I ask…she shakes her head “Yes” and I give Diego back to her…she turns over…I rub her back…she’s now been asleep for an hour…

…Life is good…it’s good to know I’ve still got the touch!

One Response

  1. Great story…and you do have the touch…you’re a soft touch for a sweet little girl. Good job, Grampa Chuck!!! Lol

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