The joys of being a grandparent

My good friend Carl Hanson sent this to me the other day via email. Thought I would pass it along for you, especially you grandparents, to enjoy…

“Good morning . . . At present we are not at home but, please leave your message after you hear the beep.
“beeeeep …

“If you are one of our children, dial 1 and then select the option from 1 to 5 in order of “arrival” so we know who it is.
“If you need us to stay with the children, press 2
“If you want to borrow the car, press 3
“If you want us to wash your clothes and ironing, press 4
“If you want the grandchildren to sleep here tonight, press 5
“If you want us to pick up the kids at school, press 6
“If you want us to prepare a meal for Sunday or to have it delivered to your home, press 7
“If you want to come to eat here, press 8
“If you need money,press 9
“If you are going to invite us to dinner, or, taking us to the theater, start talking we are listening !!!!!!!!!!!”


(Taken from papers written by a class of 8-year-olds)

Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little children of their own. They like other people’s.

A grandfather is a man, & a grandmother is a lady!

Grandparents don’t have to do anything except be there when we come to see them…

They are so old they shouldn’t play hard or run.

It is good if they drive us to the shops and give us money.

When they take us for walks, they slow down past things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.

They show us and talk to us about the colors of the flowers and also why we shouldn’t step on “cracks.”

They don’t say, “Hurry up.”

Usually grandmothers are fat but not too fat to tie your shoes.

They  wear glasses and funny underwear.

They can take their teeth and gums out.

Grandparents don’t have to be smart.

They have to answer questions like “Why isn’t God married?” and “How come dogs chase cats?”

When they read to us, they don’t skip. They don’t mind if we ask for the same story over again.

Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if you don’t have television because they are the only grownups who like to spend time with us.

They know we should have a snack time before bed time, and they say prayers with us and kiss us even when we’ve acted bad.


A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived.
“Oh,” he said, “she lives at the airport and when we want her, we just go get her. Then when were done having her visit, we take her back to the airport.”
Grandpa is the smartest man on earth! He teaches me good things, but I don’t get to see him enough to get as smart as him!


It’s funny when they bend over; you hear gas leaks, and they blame their dog.

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