Correct ruling on Obamacare

So the United States Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare.

Given the Court’s conservative makeup, I’m stunned.

I’m surprised.

I’m shocked.

I’m pleasantly pleased.

The High Court blew its decision that has allowed a free-for-all campaign spending. But it got this decision right.

I know big business Republicans are aghast. I’ve read the Republican battle cry to elect Mitt Romney who says he’ll lead the charge to repeal it. I know he raised $4.6 million in campaign donations within 24 hours after the High Court’s ruling was announced.  I’ve read the reactions of those who blindly follow the edict of those deep-pocket Republicans.

I don’t understand the almost violent reaction to repeal the law. It’s political – sure. But why are people so adamantly eager to get rid of some good aspects of the law?

People being able to get health care insurance despite pre-existing conditions is a good thing.

Parents allowed to carry their children on insurance policies until they are 26 is a good thing.

Creating a pool to provide health insurance, especially for all children in this country, is good thing.

Making people who don’t take health care insurance pay a fine (or tax) when they require medical attention is a good thing.

The fact is, the Justices ruled correctly in their 5-4 decision, which included  conservative Chief Justice Roberts falling on the side of the majority ruling.

Health care reform in this country was desperately needed, and has been needed for a very long time. The for-profit insurance companies have held people hostage for too long and the health care reform law is a good start in the right direction.

Is it perfect?

No, and far from it.

But the Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act does not need to be, nor should it be repealed. Certainly President Obama’s health care reform law that he championed does need to be tweaked and massage.

But total repeal?


One Response

  1. Not at all impressed with the court’s excuse in redefining and upholding the largest tax increase in history. Unconstitutional on all grounds that it was passed, yet then determined that is is a tax thus constitutional! It has no limits, sound familiar “no taxation w/o out representation”. How in the world does any tax payer know what they are in for. It is another of Obama’s redistribution of wealth and take over of a private industry.
    Many of your comments are correct above “the good things” but this is one of those bills that has so much “bad’ that it needs to be repealed and re-written. Lets remember it was a Democrat controlled house and senate that blindly followed the piper, “we will read it after we pass it’. Poor legislation with a few carrots should not be the aim of a responsible by-partisan legislature.
    If you have not heard we are already in deficit spending of 1.3 trillion (more than we bring in per year) and the Obama Care is predicted to begin with another 1/3 of a trillion dollars. Lord help us with those who have decided to not ask what they can do for this country and their children but what can this country do for me regardless of the next generations. Our only hope is a republican dominated congress and a new president. President Clinton actually had a cash flow in his second term by cutting spending and raising taxes, part due to President Reaganomics but then Obama is no Bill Clinton!
    i will leave it up to the readers – look up and see what this tax increase is going to cost and then come up with your own ideas of how we are going to pay for it.

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