Billions wasted in Iraq war, according to audit

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Funds released Friday, July 13, what it called its “final” report on how taxpayer money was spent in Iraq reconstruction.

Bottom line?

Billions of taxpayer dollars was wasted. For example, one contractor charged $80 for a $1.41 pipe fitting. What do you think the odds are that the contractor was an employee with Halliburton construction, which, by the way, has strong connections to then Vice President Cheney.

Despite spending years trying to figure out where the money went, the report said that much, and probably most of the money never will be accounted for because of various war-zone factors.


Taxpayers again has been hosed financially by the American government.

My guess is that if auditors really want to know what happened to the money, all they need to do is audit Halliburton, Cheney and then Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld. I’m sure the war in Iraq was financially beneficial to them, not only at a cost to American taxpayers, but, sadly, at the cost of thousands of American lives.

One Response

  1. You forgot to disclose how many of those Billions were wasted by The Obama Administration in pulling out our Troops, and in tying their hands, due to the Democrat controlled House and Senate, not allowing the Troops to do their job. When will they do an Audit on how many Service Members’ lived were wasted because they were told to allow themselves to be shot at and blown up, but if they returned fire, they would be abandoned by the Government and defamed as murderers?

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