Olatheans asked to conserve water

In cooperation with Kansas Water Assurance District 1, the city of Olathe is asking customers to observe voluntary water conservation measures due to the heat and drought conditions the area has seen in recent months, including limiting all non-essential outdoor uses. The request is a voluntary measure at this time.

The city encourages water conservation measures through reduction of outdoor water use including (but not limited to):

·         Voluntarily implementing an alternate day (odd/even) schedule for outdoor watering

·         Limiting non-essential outdoor water use and implement Wise Outdoor Watering practices

·         Watering outdoors between 6pm and 6am

·         Limiting or eliminate outdoor water use on the weekends

·         Using a soaker hose to water plants more efficiently

·         Limiting car washing at home or use commercial car wash that recycles water

·         Avoiding hosing down outside areas such as sidewalks, patios and driveways

During this critical period, the public can also help reduce indoor water use by shortening showers, only washing full loads of dishes and clothes, shutting off the faucet while brushing teeth, and repairing leaky toilets and faucets.

Olathe is included in Kansas Water Assurance District 1, which covers the Kansas River Basin.  Though the city’s water production operation continues meeting high demand, Olathe recognizes the importance of ensuring the region’s water supply by encouraging residents to use water wisely.

Again, this request is purely voluntary at this time as the city continues to monitor water demands, capacity and operations.  For a detailed look at the City’s Water Conservation Plan and additional Wise Outdoor Watering tips, please visit www.OlatheKS.org/OMS/Water/Conservation.

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  1. Water conservation is really necessary these days. We should conserve as much resources as possible because water may get scarce in the future.:’*’:

    Kind thanks

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