Some photos from Seattle

Guess what?

I’ve taken a lot of pictures while in Seattle. Here are just a few I’ve been able to work and get ready for the web. More will come later when I get the chance to work them.

With granddaughter Alexandra after her play.

Mt. Ranier from the plane as we flew into Seattle nearly three weeks ago.

A Seattle sunset from the boat of a friend where we had dinner.

Some of the glass from the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the base of the Space Needle.

More from the Chilhuly Garden and Glass Museum.

The Space Needle reflected in a Chilhuly glass ball.

Sand art during a festival on Ocean Shores.

Art pieces at t Seattle Art Museum.

Sidewalk art in downtown Seattle.

One of Seattle’s homeless riding his bicycle and carrying his surfboard that he later tried to sell on a street corner.

Some of the sea glass we picked up at the beach along Discovery Park.

Terri admiring some art of Elvis at the Seattle Art Museum.

Early morning cloud moving across the Space Needle.

A sea gull enjoying a crab at Ocean Shores.

Me lending a hand to help hold up the Space Needle.

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