Fund-raising event Sunday, Aug. 5, for injured Olathe Northwest band director

The Olathe Civic Band, along with the Olathe Northwest High School, is hosting a “We’re With Rosa” Benefit Concert from 2 to 4 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 5 at Olathe Northwest High School for paralyzed band director Rosa Adams-Bussard.

Adams-Bussard, 55, was injured June 9 when, after falling down some stairs at the home of a friend in Brookfield, Mo., she could not move or feel below her shoulders.  A life-flight helicopter flew her to St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City. She underwent 6 hours of surgery on her spine. Doctors removed two vertebrae to prevent further damage and for several weeks spent time at St. Luke’s Hospital progressing from the Neurological Intensive Care Unit to the Rehabilitation Unit. On June 25, she and her husband John flew to the Craig Hospital in Denver, Colo., which specializes in spinal cord injuries.

Sunday’s fund-raiser will be in conjunction with the Civic Band’s Summer Concert and Ice Cream Social. The Olathe Northwest High School Marching Band also will play for the event. The Olathe Civic Jazz Band will play following the concert during the ice cream social in the school’s lobby.

More information about Adams-Bussard and her progress can be found on a website called Rosa’s Beat.

People can donate to the Rosa’s Beat Rehabilitation Trust through PayPal and also through any at any Metcalf Bank with checks or money orders payable to Rosa’s Beat Rehabilitation Trust, Metcalf Bank, 11900 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS 66210.

To date, Adams-Bussard has regained some movement and feeling in her arms and legs. Updates about her condition are posted on the website.

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