Disgusting incident at GOP Convention

Sarah Palin‘s political advertising four years ago had crosshairs placed over targeted Democratic candidates.

Missouri Republican candidate for Senate Todd Akin thinks there are cases of “legitimate” rape and should attend a sex education class if he really thinks a woman’s body shuts down during a violent rape to prevent pregnancy.

And a history of political billboards purchased by deep pocket Republican conservatives showing President Obama has Hitler and being as racist by associating him with a monkey.

Is it any wonder the Republican Party has the reputation it does? Is it any wonder it has so much trouble getting the support of minority voters?

What happened this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., is disgusting. Read about it here.

RNC officials handled the situation appropriately, but the incident certainly has done nothing to improve the GOP‘s standing with many mainstream, middle class voters.

GOP presidential nominee already is behind in polls with women voters, Hispanic voters, and African-American voters. And when you have the reputation so far right, you are bound to attract the narrow-minded bigots and racists of the world.


2 Responses

  1. Comments from the Facebook page:

    From Benjamin Hodge

    Chuck, do something for all the kids in single families, who are lower middle class, or are racial minorities, receiving bad education in the Kansas City area, and who can’t afford to get out of poverty, despite their schools spending $13-15,000 per student.

    Then call Republicans shameful.

    But you won’t do that, because while I don’t know you, everything you say makes you out to be a name-calling hack that just hates people. You fit in perfectly at The Sun, run by another hateful hack, Steve Rose. Your paper went out of business because it was so far out of touch with society, and it’s simply sad that you actually think you’re mainstream.

    Response from Chuck Kurtz

    Thanks, Ben…for proving my point.

    From Benjamin Hodge

    Chuck, you don’t make sense. I don’t think you’re senile, otherwise I wouldn’t be replying to you. The best I can figure out is that you’re more or less a bigot against religious conservatives, and that you’d now be called the weird old man down the block, by your neighbors. I recall reading some weird article of yours about why conservatives support school vouchers; I think in the hilariously bad Johnson County Sun. Your article then, as now, was simply weird. Your thinnest of narrow minds makes you just… say stuff.

    For what it’s worth, here’s where you’re ridiculous: Republicans vote no differently than what Democrats campaign on. Yet we’re “right wing” and “ultra conservative.” Exactly what I said.

    You sound like a 13 year old who’s just learning how to mimic the talking points of the Daily Kos. Todd Akin’s comment=all Republicans, you say. What? Sarah Palin wanted to shoot people, you say. What? Republicans are “so far right,” you say, and you don’t even try to point to scientific polls done by even Democratic polling firms demonstrating the near-equal footing of each party among the electorate, when it comes to being viewed as mainstream.

    You can only go on hateful rants with zero ideas so many times, and use the word “ultra conservative” and “right wing” when describing just about anybody so many times, before people stop listening to you, and you used up your allotment about 35 years ago.

    I expect people in college to be hacks for their team. Every week I see a weird post from you, that you post to a US Senator’s Web page. What?

    You write that Republicans are “disgusting” and “shameful.” Chuck, most conservatives don’t care what type of life you live, or what you believe, or what job you do. What’s disgusting is that you hate so many of your fellow Americans.

  2. To Mr. Benjamin Hodge:
    If you could only step back, and see how foolish your diatribes, make yourself look. The term “hack” is one that you have thrown out, but would aptly descibe yourself. I do think that you are a prime example of an ultra right wing religious conservative, and if anyone can validate themselves as narrow minded, you have accomplished that.

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