Terri and Chuck’s summer digitized in slideshows

I feel like the guy on the commercial who gets upset with his TV and then one thing leads to another until his situation ends badly.

No bad endings with me, but…when you take a lot of pictures, then you have to color correct and crop a lot of pictures before selecting pictures to put into slideshows. Then you have to arrange the pictures, select transitions, fine tune, add wording and go through all your music to select and fit the right songs you think fit the slideshow.

Once all that is done, and I didn’t even mention the many times the computer freezes, then you sit and wait while the slideshow uploads to YouTube.

Now the slideshows are done and the Kurtz’ summer fun activities are now forever digitized into five slideshows. Wow! It was a busy summer for Terri and me. But it was fun and we would do it all again.

Here are the links to the slideshows. I do the slideshows to share them with out-of-town members of the family, but all are welcome to take a look if you have an extremely boring life and have absolutely have nothing else to do.

Here are the links:






And now that the slideshows are done, it’s time to start going through all the videos, selecting the right clips, editing them together, the transitions, the wording, picking the right music…

I think I need some time off to go fishing!!!

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