Former Olathean in hospice care

Former Olathean and owner of Burns Printing in Olathe, Alan Redinger, who has suffered from pancreatic cancer for more than a year, has been taken to Halifax Hospice.

For many years, Redinger, a 1965 graduate of Olathe High School, ran the business from a RV trailer next to the building because he suffered severe allergic reaction to the ink used on the printing presses. He eventually moved to Florida where he continued to run the family business.

Redinger’s condition worsened and he had been in a Florida hospital where Monday, Oct. 1, a medical transport team took him to Halifax Hospice. A family spokesperson said the plan is for Redinger to be there three days to a week in an effort to find his comfort level to control the pain and then send him home under hospice care.

The family spokesperson said it was a “difficult and heartbreaking” choice for us to make, but it is the option Redinger chose since he didn’t feel he could tolerate radiation, which was his only other option available besides hospice. Redinger is said to be resting peacefully.

The spokesperson asked that friends continue to pray for strength and comfort for him during this incredibly difficult time.

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