Taking part in HuffPost Live discussion

For better or worse, yours truly was asked to take part Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 17, in a half-hour discussion on the Huffington Post’s website: HuffPost Live.

Topic of the segment, called Gaming The System, focused on the overpayment of $14 billion last year that was paid out through the unemployment insurance system in the country. It was a lively discussion that covered several areas. It was hosted by Mike Sacks and Jullian Berman, HuffPost Associate Business Editor.

Also on the webcam panel were: Jeff Kreisler, New York City; Neil Sroka, Washington, D.C.; and Orly Lobel, San Diego, Calif.

To view the segment, click here.


One Response

  1. Chuck,
    This was a great opportunity, and you knocked it out of the park. The exchange was great, and your input provided an experienced leadership as it appeared that the topics sped more quickly to the “bottom line,” once you pointed the way.

    You should expect to be asked, again, for your participation.

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