Celebrating pollinator prairie

The EPA is planning a special event at the Olathe Superfund hazardous waste site where the Chemicals Commodities Inc., (CCI) building once stood on the southeast corner of Keeler and Cedar streets.

It has taken several years for the site to be cleaned and last month more than 115 people took part in a workday project to create several pollination gardens. At 10 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 23, the EPA will host an Olathe Pollinator Prairie ribbon cutting to recognize The Boeing Company, the Citizens Advisory Group and others who went above regulation to address land reuse and revitalization of the CCI Superfund site.

Citizens Advisory Group co-chair Glen Andrews will open the ceremony and will be followed with remarks by Jim Randall, Olathe Mayor Pro Tem; Cecilia Tapia, EPA Region 7 Superfund Program Division Director; presentation of Leading Environmentalism and Forwarding Sustainability award to Boeing; Steve Shestag, Boeing Remediation Director; presentation of EPA certificates; and at 10:30 will be the official ribbon cutting ceremony.

The event will be followed by informal tours of habitat plantings. Coffee, juice and snacks will be served.

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