Strict gun laws won’t protect from evil

Jonesborough, Ark.

Columbine, Colo.

Aurora, Colo.

Portland, Ore.

And now Newtown, Conn., has been added to the long list of other shooting massacres that have taken place in businesses, public places and schools throughout the nation in the past 20 years.

In a Newtown elementary school — an ELEMENTARY SCHOOLFriday, Dec. 14, 20 children — CHILDREN — horrifically gunned down in their school rooms, a place where they are suppose to be safe. They were ruthlessly killed by an obviously deranged person, a young man of 20 who killed his mother before the rampage and then who also turned out to be gutless and a coward by committing suicide.

I sit watching on television as the aftermath of this senseless tragedy unfolds.

The images.

The shock.

The tears.

My heart doesn’t just ache, it hurts.

Words fail me.

On cue, the gun control debate already has started — again as it does on the heels of each shooting massacre. The cry for stronger gun control will be louder. The push for a weapons ban probably will increase. Their efforts will gain support.

Lawmakers will make their speeches condemning what happened in Newtown. Some will even introduce legislation for stricter gun control.

But all of them are wrong because what happened in Newtown, is nothing more than pure evil and no matter how difficult Congress makes it for Americans to buy and own guns, even if Congress revoked the Second Amendment and banned gun ownership, it won’t stop the killing.

Bad people, evil people always — ALWAYS — will disregard the law, they always will find a way to get the guns and eventually kill innocent men, women and children.

Creating more restrictive gun laws is not the answer. It has never been and never will be the answer.

Instead, good people need to arm themselves. People we put our trust and faith into protecting our children at school need to be armed and trained in how to use those weapons to stop and put down the kind of evil people that threaten our children. Airline pilots, theater managers, mall store managers, school principals and teachers, all need to have guns on the job, in the school, so they can better protect innocent people and children.

No on can protect themselves from evil if they are unharmed. Faith alone will not stop a bullet.

Throughout it all, I think about my grandchildren. And the senseless tragedy in Newtown makes me angry. It makes me sad.

It makes me scared.

One Response

  1. I share in the lamenting brother! It is sad… tragic. I also appreciate your willingness to understand that stricter gun control laws won’t fix it. I happen to agree with you, but, unfortunately, that position is becoming harder and harder to come by these days.

    I would appreciate if you would read my piece and give me any feedback you may have!

    Best wishes on the Blogsphere!

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