Message from 3rd Dist. Congressman Kevin Yoder

Tax Increases in 2013

The majority of Americans will feel a tax increase of some kind in the New Year. Here is a list of the most significant and common tax increases that will hit American families starting in 2013.
Payroll / Social Security tax rises for all taxpayers; from 4.2% up to 6.2%.
Marginal tax rates rise for individuals making over $400,000; from 35% up to 39.5%.
Capital Gains / Dividends rates rise for individual income over $400,000; from 15% up to 20%.
Death / Estate tax rises on estates above $5 million; from 35% up to 40%.
President‘s Heath Care law surtax; 3.8% additional surtax on investment income above $200,000.
President’s Health Care law surtax; 0.9% additional payroll tax on wages above $200,000.
Personal Exemption Phaseout / Deductions capped; joint filers making more than $300,000, or single taxpayers earning more than $250,000, will see their personal exemption and itemized deductions limited.

WWI Centennial Committee Based in KC

The Frank Buckles World War I Memorial Act passed the House before the 112th Congress adjourned, sending the bill to the President for his signature. I co-sponsored this legislation, and the bill states the planning commission for the centennial World War I observance will be based in Kansas City.
We are fortunate to have the National World War I Museum at Libery Memorial. Click here to read more about this bill, and what it means for Kansas City.

Small Businesses and the American Dream

America is an exceptional country, and the entreprenuerial spirit and innovative drive of the men and women that take risks to start new small businesses make our economic engine hum. As we begin the new 113th session of Congress, we must work together to ensure small businesses succeed, and grow.


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