Look out Texas, here comes Kansas; look out nation, here comes Brownback

After listening to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s State of the State Address Tuesday night, it seems pretty obvious that he might be gearing up for another presidential run in 2016 or at least is wanting to be part of a Republican president’s cabinet if the party is successful in four years.

Brownback ran for president in 2008 but didn’t have anything to campaign on other than his ultra-conservative views for government, family values and abortion. Now he will have Kansas on his presidential resume.

In outlining his agenda, not just for 2014 but for the next two years, Brownback said, “Look out Texas, here comes Kansas.” Continue reading

Ultra verses non-ultra

I openly admit that I am not an ultra-conservative. Nor do I want to become one.

I am, however, more conservative than most people probably think. I believe:

a small government is the best government, that people and businesses function much better without government interference;

only in regulations and government controls that protect the environment as well as hard-working middle-class Americans from being the financial scapegoats for corporate greed; Continue reading

Kansas, school finance, and judges

Shawnee County District Court judges ruled Jan. 11 that since 2009 lawmakers have failed to provide a “suitable” education to Kansas students by cutting funding. It’s the second time in seven years a court ruling has slapped the hand of the State Legislature.

The ruling said the state’s cuts to education were an “obvious and continuing pattern of disregard of constitutional funding.” The state has been ordered to bring the annual state base aid to the “legally required” level of $4,492 per student and increase from the current $3,838 per student.

Gov. Sam Brownback predicted (threatened?) that if this decision is upheld by the Kansas Supreme Court, that every Kansan would be required to help pay for the higher cost through “drastically” increased property taxes. Continue reading

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