Johnson Countian critical, skeptical of KanCare program

Submitted by Finn Bullers,
Former Johnson County Government Reporter
for the Kansas City Star and now
a consumer advocate for people with disabilities.

While state leaders work to knock out the kinks in the state’s new managed-care system for some 380,000 Kansans, first responders in Johnson County Monday, Jan. 28, had to revive a Prairie Village man choking on his own phlegm and gasping to breathe — me.

At 10 a.m., Johnson County Med-Act responders arrived at my home.

Within minutes, rescue workers performed deep suctioning to remove accumulated phlegm blocking my airway, a result of bureaucratic tangles with the state leaving me without skilled-nursing services and ongoing wound-care treatment. Continue reading

That Sneaky Sam I Am, I’d rather eat green eggs and ham!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: With apologies (or thanks) to Dr. Seuss.
Sneaky Sam’s voice is in italics.)

I am Sneaky Sam!…

Sneaky Sam I am!…

That Sneaky Sam!
That Sneaky Sam!
I do not like
That Sneaky Sam!…

Do you like to pay state taxes?…

I do not like them Sneaky Sam.
I would rather eat green eggs and ham!… Continue reading

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