Google Fiber-Overland Park in negotiations

When the Olathe City Council announced on March 19 that it had reached an agreement with Google Fiber so the company could bring its high-speed Internet service to Olathe, some observers publicly questioned why the mega Internet provider didn’t connect with Overland Park to become the first major city in Johnson County to get its services.

Well, apparently it has been talking to OP officials.

When asked whether Overland Park was left out in the cold, the city’s communications manager and PIO Sean Reilly said this, “The city has expressed its interest in Google offering its services in the city, and the city is continuing to pursue those services with enthusiasm.”

Sources close to the Google-Johnson County connection, who asked not to be identified, told that the initial plan was to simultaneously announce that Google had reached agreements with both Olathe and Overland Park to bring its services to Johnson County residential areas. That, say the sources, fell through when Olathe completed its legal work ahead of schedule.

“I don’t know anything about a simultaneous announcement,” Reilly said. “That’s news to me to be honest.”

Google officials could not be reached for comment.

Tim McKee, CEO of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce, said he hadn’t heard of any plan for a joint announcement, but added he’s not surprised Google and Overland Park are trying to reach an agreement.

“I would think that eventually the entire region, the whole Kansas City metropolitan region, and I have no basis to go off of, but I assume everybody in the region is going to have this,” McKee said. “When? I can’t tell you. I haven’t talked to Google about that and they may read that and say, ‘Why would he say that?’

“But that’s my gut feeling.”

Reilly said Overland Park two years ago, like Olathe, tried to sway Google to select it as the first city in the nation to get its high-speed Internet service.

“We were one of those communities who submitted a proposal to Google several years ago,” he said. “Just like Olathe, we’ve had interest from the onset when Google was looking for that start-up community.”

Google, if and when it comes to Overland Park, will compete against Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-verse, and SureWest.

“We welcome competition because it makes it better for our residents and our businesses,” Reilly said. “To have Google, if it makes a decision to locate in Overland Park, that would just add to the competition and be a benefit to everybody as customers.”

But he stopped short of saying there soon would be an Overland Park-Google announcement.

“I will wait for Google to make an announcement if it’s ready to make an announcement,” he said.

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  1. Why stop the story there? What of joCo entire?

  2. […] Google Fiber-Overland Park in negotiations ( […]

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