Brownback wins round one of judicial reform

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, in signing legislation giving the state’s governors more power in the selection of Kansas Court of Appeals‘ judges did not move Kansas away from what he called a flawed system, but instead injected bias and politics into the appointment process.

As a result of lawsuits by several public school systems, the state has been told twice by the Kansas Court of Appeals that the Legislature has not fully funded public education as directed by the state’s funding formula. Brownback and legislators have cried foul, claiming the judges are telling the state how to spend money in violation of the state’s constitution.

The selection of judges had been done through a panel of attorneys and lay people who picked three candidates and then sent the names of those nominees to the governor who then chose one to sit on the Court of Appeals. Continue reading

House rolling the dice with KPERS funds?

Which would you rather do with your retirement money: Put it in KPERS, the Kansas Public Employment Retirement System or put it in bonds?

The Kansas House is betting on bonds.

The House Tuesday, March 26, approved a plan that would sell $1.5 billion in bonds as an investment in the retirement system.

Sound risky?

It is, according to Rep. Pete DeGraff, R-Mulvane. DeGraff, a financial planner, told the Topeka Capitol Journal the action taken by the House is a “folly.” Continue reading

Kansas Senate to vote on gun bill

Kansas soon could be inching closer to allowing concealed weapons into some public places such as schools and colleges.

The Senate is expected to take final action today on legislation that would allow employees of public schools and colleges to carry concealed weapons into those buildings and on campuses. If approved the bill would go back to the House, which earlier in the session approved legislation.

The only way local governments could restrict people who have state concealed-carry permits from bringing weapons into those public buildings is if those places already have implemented security measures.


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