Logic, common sense create a good bill and law

With the Kansas government firmly in the hands of ultra-conservatives, it is not difficult to criticize many of the decisions they make and legislation that is signed into law. Legislation most always is based on the leadership’s narrow-minded agendas and ultra-conservative views.

But if you write enough legislation, you’re bound to get one right. It’s kind of like shooting a shotgun: You’re bound to hit something.

With House Bill 2252, Kansas legislators got this one right and Monday, April 1, Gov. Sam Brownback sign the bill into law. With his signature, the statute of limitations for rape and aggravated sodomy were eliminated. It also allows a person to report a sexual crime up to 10 years after that person turns 18.

Statistics indicate that family members or other trusted adults commit nearly 90 percent of the reported child sex crimes. Victims of those crimes usually are too afraid to report those assaults until after they are old enough to move away from the home.

Supporters of the bill, including some rape survivors, applauded as Brownback signed the bill into law.

Why was there a statute of limitations on these violent sexual crimes in the first place? Logic and common sense seemingly would dictate otherwise. But there are about 30 other states that still have time limits in place for the prosecution of rape and other violent sexual crimes.

Thankfully, Kansas now is not one of them.

Legislators are to be commended in creating this common-sense piece of legislation and the governor should be commended for signing the bill into law, which takes effect July 1.

It would be nice if lawmakers, at all levels of government, would use that same kind of logic and common-sense approach in crafting all pieces of legislation rather than bills based on idealistic and political agendas.

Such an approach would be beneficial to our state and our country.

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