China holds the key to relieve North Korea-U.S. tensions

Should we be worried about all the war hoop-la being touted by North Korea and its immature, 28-year-0ld leader Kim Jun Un against South Korea and the United States?

Probably not even though an Associated Press article Thursday, April 4, that North Korea has moved a missile with “considerable range” to its east coast.

Chances are that most of all the threats being made by the North is Un’s attempt at puffing out his inexperienced political chest to try and impress the world. That’s what most so-called experts think. They keep telling us that they don’t think the North has the capabilities needed to create nuclear bombs small enough to mount on long-range missiles.

I think many of these “experts” were the same folks telling us that we needed to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein had developed weapons of mass destruction.Well, we all know how that turned out, and it makes me wonder what might happen if they are wrong this time, too.

North Korea and Un are a loose cannon — a loose nuclear cannon — that could quickly create a global nightmare if just one renegade person on either side makes an independent, radical, stupid decision that launches a missile.

What then?

What stabilization there is in the region quickly could fall apart in an escalation of counter attacks. If North Korea launches a missile at the South or Japan and we respond, will that prompt China to retaliate? Will the fight be on the ground? In the air? Will it be a nuclear war? If the latter and when the last missile has been fired and few people, if any, are left standing what’s been gained? What’s been proved?

China is the key to this conflict. It has the power to take little Un by the scruff of the neck and out to the shed for a little talk. He has had his fun, his time in the world spotlight, now he needs to be reeled in, given a slap to the back of the head and told to shut up.

When Un took assumed power after his dad’s death, he had a chance to lead his country into a new era, he had the opportunity to change North Korea from a cold and unforgiving place to one that lifted his people out of poverty and into a new age.

Instead, he assumed the roll of the new bully on the block.

With most bullies, once confronted they back down.

But Un will not back down until China lets him know in no uncertain terms that it no longer has his back.

Then, maybe, tensions in the area will begin to ease.

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