Charges filed against JC Sheriff’s deputy

Erin Rogers

Erin Rogers

Johnson County Sheriff’s deputy Erin Rogers Wednesday, April 10, was charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, child endangerment and battery charges for incidents that allegedly took place in the past several years.

A Sheriff’s spokesman said the department began investigating the alleged incidents, which are said to have taken place while Rogers was off duty, in January. The spokesman said no one of the public was involved.

Rogers, 45, who had lived in Gardner, was placed on administrative leave in January when the investigation as well as a Professional Standards inquiry began.

His bond was set at $25,000.

Gardner code agreement on county commission agenda

On the Thursday, April 11 agenda for the Johnson County Board of  County Commissioners will be an item concerning an amendment to an agreement with the city of Gardner to provide temporary building code-related services through July 31 of this year.

The agreement originally was approved this past February.

To watch the video of the April 4 meeting, click here.

Yoder responds to president’s budget proposal

Congressman Kevin Yoder today, Wednesday, April 9, made the following statement after President Obama released his 2014 federal budget proposal:

“The President’s 2014 budget proposal appears to be more of the same in terms of stimulus spending, higher taxes, and growing the size of the federal government. We already had a large tax increase on most Americans on January 1,” he said. “Now, the American people want ever-increasing government spending controlled, and they want a budget that balances.

“The President’s budget does offer daylight in the discussion about the tremendous cost-drivers of our national debt. We need to have a very serious debate about how to responsibly and effectively reform programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that strengthen and most importantly preserve these programs for when future generations need them.

“I’m encouraged that the House, the Senate, and the President all have offered budget proposals. We can now do the heavy lifting of working together to get a budget passed that preserves needed programs like Social Security and Medicare, keeps taxes low on all Americans, and balances within the next decade.”

R.I.P. Kansas: 1861-2013

Guest Column: The Hutchinson News

Jason Probst, News Editor

TOPEKA — The Great State of Kansas passed away on March 31, 2013, after a long and difficult battle with extremism that became markedly more aggressive in 2010. The struggle left the state so weakened it could no longer fight against the relentless attacks by the fatal disease.

The state is preceded in death by fair taxation, good highways, strong education, family farms, a good public parks and wildlife system, open government, neighborliness and belief in helping each other out, freely elected public servants, and political moderation.

Kansas is survived by widespread poverty, low-wage jobs, high property taxes, pollution, poorly educated children, out-migration and rural depopulation, foreign land and farm ownership, lobbyist-funded legislators, chronic mistreatment of the disabled, a maniacal hatred of government and children who dream of living anywhere else. Continue reading

New career a tempting thought — briefly!

Twin Peaks waitresses.

Twin Peaks waitresses. Twin Peaks website photo

Just past noon on Tuesday, April 9, I realized I had missed my life’s calling.

For more than 40 years I’ve been in journalism writing articles, editorials and columns. I’ve taken my share of photos and more recently quite a view videos as journalism all-too-slowly made its way into the high-tech world.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I’ve had a great time as a writer and photographer. I’ve been able to do things, go places, and talk to people few others have had the opportunity to do. I’ve made a good living while also being able to be part of my children’s lives as they have grown — and now my grandchildren’s lives. Continue reading

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