OMC’s Devocelle receives Cathedral Builder Award

Frank H. Devocelle, President/CEO of Olathe Health System, Inc. (OHSI) was awarded the Cathedral Builder Award from the city of Olathe. Mayor Michael Copeland presented the award at the State of the City luncheon.

“Giving back, serving others, and building our great community spirit are what Olatheans do so well,” Copeland said. “It’s individuals like Frank Devocelle who are leaving incredible legacies of service and excellence that inspire and encourage us and make us proud to call Olathe home.”

The award began in 2009 when Copeland introduced the story of the cathedral builder and compared building the community to building a great cathedral. The story of the cathedral builder goes back to a young boy approaching some masons.  He asked, “What are you doing?”  The first replied, “I’m laying stones.”  The second, “I’m building a wall.”  The third, the wisest of the three, placed his arm around the boy, stepped back, and said, “We are building a beautiful cathedral for all the world to enjoy.”

Devocelle, and the Board leadership, have played a leading role in creating an integrated network of hospitals and clinics, including Olathe Medical Center (OMC), Miami County Medical Center (MCMC) and the 38 clinics of Olathe Medical Services, Inc. (OMSI).  They have focused on providing high-tech, quality care to the communities served. Devocelle was one of the visionaries who saw the possibility of providing a full continuum of care to members of the community, from the beginning of life to the end, including a hospice house and health education center.

“I am deeply humbled by this recognition,” Devocelle said. “Olathe Health System is a premier healthcare delivery system because of the hard work by 2,600 employees and nearly 350 physicians. I have been privileged to be allowed to guide the system through the past 42 years.”


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