Olathe students do well in competitions

Olathe South High School Student Merit Scholarship Winner

Samuel Rose, an Olathe South High School student, is a Merit Scholar designee. He is one of about 1,000 distinguished high school seniors who have won a corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship award.

Rose received the National Merit Liberty Mutual Scholarship. Rose’s probable career field is Petroleum Engineering.

District Students Win at Olathe’s Got Talent

Several Olathe School District students came away winners from the recent Olathe’s Got Talent show. Continue reading

Trying something new to buy elections

An article in the Huffington Post reveals new efforts by the billionaire Koch brothers to funnel dark money, monies that do not have to be reported, into avenues that support the election campaigns of Republican candidates.

Their efforts to buy the 2012 elections failed miserably and, according to the article, a “rebranding” of ways to funnel money to GOP campaigns is underway.

Click here to read the article.


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