Sheriff’s deputies to enforce Click It or Ticket law

Drivers in Johnson County are warned that from May 20 to June 2, additional deputies with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will be on the roadways aggressively enforcing seatbelt and traffic laws.

Deputies will be strictly enforcing all traffic laws with an emphasis on safety belt and child passenger safety laws to include:

1.       Any passenger in a motor vehicle who is 14 years old or older shall have a safety belt properly fastened at all times the vehicle is in motion.

2.       Each passenger in a motor vehicle 14 years old but younger than 18 anywhere in a vehicle can be cited for KSA 8-2503(b). The fine is $60.

3.       Front seat occupants of a motor vehicle who are 18 years old or older will be cited for this violation.  The fine is $10.

4.       Back seat occupants of a motor vehicle 18 years of age or older will be cited for a seat belt violation only after another citation is issued according to KSA 8-2503. The fine is $10.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is joining law enforcement agencies statewide participating in the Click it Or Ticket campaign.  This effort is an effort to reduce the number of preventable deaths and injuries that occur when unbelted drivers and passengers are involved in traffic crashes.

For assistance with child safety seat installation or for a check of an already installed seat contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at 913-715-5400.


Opinion: Momentum gaining for better complex rehab tech

Bipartisan Senate push launched — Kansas City leaders silent

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Freelance writer Finn M. Bullers also uses a wheelchair as a result of having muscular dystrophy.)

Freelance writer/editor

 Donna Adell of Ottawa, Kan., is confused.

The power wheelchair her husband Charles uses was supposed to make his life easier after a hip-replacement surgery five years ago cut him off from an active life.

Medicare paid for the chair, Donna Adell said. But then refused to service the chair and provide replacement batteries because Medicare officials said the chair only was to be used inside the home.

“The whole purpose for the power chair was to help (Charles) become more independent — to get outside, to visit friends and neighbors nearby, and to go up to our mailbox,” she said.

Late Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Thad Cochran, R-MS, joined forces in a bipartisan effort to improve the life of Charles Adell and tens of thousands of people with disabilities across the country. There are 380,000 Kansans with disabilities, 10 percent of whom use wheelchairs. Continue reading

Just under the wire; OP couple packing to move ASAP

Freelance writer/editor

Facing an 8 a.m. eviction today, Thursday, May 16, an Overland Park U.S. Army veteran and his wife, who has dementia, have been busy packing up a lifetime of possessions to avoid being escorted out of their home by Johnson County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

“I’m 90 percent sure we have a place to stay,” the Army veteran said Wednesday in a telephone interview.

For now, it appears as if the immediate troubles facing Robert “Bob” Millard, 88, a stateside medical technician during World War II, and his wife Dolores, a homemaker with advanced stage dementia, are over.

Only days ago, the Millards faced the prospect of being evicted with no place to go. And no Plan B.

But for weeks, health aides have been scrambling behind the scenes on behalf of the couple to find a solution to their dilemma. Continue reading

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