Brownback signs 5 bills into law

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed five bills into law late Thursday, bringing the total number of bills signed during the 2013 Legislative Session to 131.

SB 20 makes several amendments to the Kansas Offender Registration Act including clarifying that effective dates for registration requirements reflect when various types of offenses originally were codified and aligning requirements for providing DNA samples to current KBI practices.

HB 2249 addresses several property-related issues including allowing tax refunds to landowners when fire districts are annexed by a city.

HB 2149 eliminates a $500,000 transfer from the Highway Patrol Training Center Fund to the State General Fund that has occurred each fiscal year since 1992.

HB 2162 prohibits the use of state-appropriated funds, aside from normal and recognized executive and legislative relationships, for lobbying federal, state or local governments regarding gun control issues.

S. Sub. for HB 2199 makes changes to current alcoholic liquor laws, including amendments to the Club and Drinking Establishment Act and the Kansas Liquor Control Act.


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