Olathe workers continue flood response

Crews from a number of City of Olathe departments have been working since well before sunrise responding to high water throughout the city.  A number of areas, especially in southeast portions of Olathe, experienced a 25 to 100 year flood event due to the excessive rainfall.  Initial reports suggest over 3.5 inches of rain fell over a brief period of time in areas of the city already saturated from previous showers.

At the height of the event, there were over 10 street closures, including three major intersections.  The Olathe Fire Department performed numerous water rescues at thirteen separate locations.  Fortunately, there are no reported life-threatening injuries or fatalities, and all intersections have re-opened.

Currently, all crews are deployed and working throughout the city to remove debris from streamway bridges, culverts and stormwater inlets that impact water flow.  There are over 60 employees in the field working both manually and with heavy equipment. Crews will continue cleanup as long as it takes to clear debris and ensure all systems are functioning properly.

Property owners impacted by flooding should contact both their insurance company and the City of Olathe at (913) 971-9311 or www.OlatheKS.org/CitizenConnect.  Property owners impacted by general flooding will be directed to stormwater management, and those who experienced sewer back-ups will be directed to wastewater collection.

Due to the high volume of calls and the number of resources currently clearing debris, callers will likely be asked to leave a message.  All calls will receive a response, and the City hopes those impacted will understand there may be significant delays.

Impacted residents can also call 971-9311 to schedule a bulk pick-up for storm related debris as needed.  The Solid Waste division is requesting that all bulk items be placed within 10 feet of the curb when scheduling a pick-up.


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