MNU alum Michael Milton to speak at Reagan Ranch

Michael Milton (’89), PhD, has been invited by Michael Reagan and the Reagan Ranch and Center, Santa Barbara, Calif., to speak and hold book signing for Milton’s latest book, Silent No More: Why the Church Must Speak Biblically to State and Culture at the Reagan Center.

Milton’s speech will be “What Ronald Reagan’s Legacy Can Teach the Church Today.”

Milton was honored with the Award of Excellence from MNU in 1989. He went on to earn a Master of Divinity from Knox Seminary and a PhD from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David College.

The author of 18 books founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church as well as Westminster Academy (now merged with Heritage Christian), in Overland Park. He also founded Kirk O’ the Isles Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Ga., before becoming the 12th pastor in 173 years of the historic First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga.

In 2007 he was elected president and chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Milton’s Bible teaching ministry, “Faith for Living” is broadcast weekly to 20 million homes in North America through the NRB Network.

His latest book, Silent No More, has received accolades from such conservative voices as Michael Reagan, David Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, Al Mohler, and Truth in Action Ministries.

“What I was given at MNU was a ‘license to learn’ and explore the intellectual life of the mind for the glory of God,” Milton said. “I will always be thankful for my professors and the ethos of Christian scholarship at MNU.”

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