Government shutdown hogwash

In the words of philosopher Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on both houses of Congress as well as the president.

All our elected officials in Washington are to blame for this government shutdown fiasco, sending folks home on unpaid furloughs while they continue to receive their $200,000 salaries, enjoy their Cadillac health insurance coverage, for doing nothing more than reading Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor while claiming they are listening to the American people.

What a waste of hogwash!

If you believe in polls, they consistently indicate 46 percent of the American people blame the Republicans for the deadlock causing the government shutdown; 36 percent blame President Obama, and the approval rating for Congress is a paltry 10 percent — the lowest rating ever recorded.

And by the time the current fiasco is over, who knows, that rating could go even lower!

It is interesting to read some of the comments, and there are many, on the social media pages of are elected officials. Here’s a sample:

On 3rd District Congressman Kevin Yoder’s Facebook page:

Paul Marchman Congress passed, The President signed, and the SCOTUS upheld the Affordable Care Act. Quit acting like whiny children make the law of the land work for everyone.

Kristine Ross Jenkins Just pay your bills and argue about the rest later.

Susan Manning Higuchi You mean compromise as in giving democrats everything they want…because we KNOW that is what y’all will do..spend us into oblivion, tax us to death and laugb while you do it…do the work the people hired you to do even if that means keeping the govt shut down..bunch of wussies

Janet Krueger I arm deeply disappointed that faithful, hardworking government employees will be furloughed because representatives can’t or won’t address government needs in a straightforward manner, but have to advance personal positions by attaching extraneous concerns to the budget. If the Affordable care act needs amendments, then amend it separately on its merits but the fact that it has to be attached to the continuing resolution just tells me that the House would rather be obstructionist than solution focused. I hope you, as my representative, will be a problem solver, not a problem maker. I have listened to your town hall meetings and had hope that you could be a force for solving problems.

Mark Feldkamp I am a long, long time republican And I am ashamed of you and our party. Stop acting like a spoiled children throwing a hissy fit because they did not get there Way .Be a Man and take care of business . You and our party need more votes in government not less. And do you really think that anyone in there right mind will reelect anyone who put “The Tea Party” ahead of common sense.

On House Speaker John Boehner’s Facebook page:

Petra Mahnke Mr. Boehner… Keep it shut down! Do not cave. Now is the chance to make a stand, and make a difference. You have repeatedly proven yourself to be a disappointment, this is your redemptive opportunity. Stand firm. Do what the people of this country are telling you to.

Nancy Siani How convenient, you still get paid & use healthcare paid for by the people you are selling out. Heil the greedy, bigoted Teaparty.

Lisanne Pearcy Obamacare was passed into law and there is no sane reason to overturn or delay it. Let it take effect and see how it works before deciding it needs to be repealed. It’s what the majority of Congress and Americans want.

Laura A Garcia 72% of Americans said do not shut down the govt over Obamacare. 22% shut it down. This morning poll shows 5% drop from last night for republicans. HUMMM

Barbara Clary Dear congress and house I am neither a democrat or a republican, but today I am a ashamed to let you people govern our country. We the people elected you to do a job and you have failed. You should all be fired from your jobs. And Mr. Boehner I find you and your comments deplorable to everyone in this country. This GREAT COUNTRY should not be held hostage to your whims. I feel you and the REPUBLICANS have gone to far and now you are economic terrorists. Mr President Barack Obama DO NOT NEGOTIATE.

From Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Facebook page:

Peggy Johnson McGuire Harry, thanks for shutting down the government!! Maybe we can save some money now. You are a pitiful excuse for a senator. You are a wonderful example of why we need term limits in Congress.

Lenese M. DErrico Are you going to sign up today Harry?

Kristie Dixon Mr Reid, you are no longer competent enough to stay in office. NV should do a recall on you and allow someone with intelligence to take your place. You don’t care about what is good for America, you just want what is good for your own ego.

Alma Hobbs Boycott Nevada!!!!

Tom Denoyer Hey Harry do your job and listen to the people. You are the one who shut this government down

And from the president’s Facebook page:

Harriet Cofield Steele It is the “Unaffordable Obama(DOESN’T)care Act”.

Lana Pitcher Sigler 2014, we will see a lot of new faces in D.C.!!

Jerry Warren Sr. You can wrap it in anything you want, and tie a bow on it, the fact remains that the ACA is the largest tax rate in our history, and a step towards communism.

Rachel Metzger I cannot stand you. Everything that has EVER come out of your mouth is a lie. You are NOT my president and I am ashamed to have you in the White House. Someone who deserves respect and HAS respect for our great nation should be in there, and that is NOT you

Pat Kendall If our congress and house can’t get it together to prevent a government shut down then they should be the ones to take a pay cut not our working people. It is high time our government started working for the American people and not for lining their pockets or worrying about their parties.

Michelle Arnett My only fear of the government shutting down, is that it might reopen.

Personally, I think our government is an embarrassment. How dare they play politics with the livelihood of hard-working Americans.

I wish we could fire them all — right now.

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