Things to think about during the shutdown

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Crying wolf? Washington’s coy use of “shutdown” and “budget shutdown” has the tin ring of apocrypha. Remember “fiscal cliff” and “sequester”?  Remember the “Easter Bunny”?
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Best, um, “catch” of the 2013 baseball season:  Sept. 27, Royals v. White Sox.  Left fielder Alex Gordon steals a home run — the hard way. See it, believe it. 
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Ruthlessness Rules:  USC’s athletic director pulled head FB Coach off a team bus at 3 a.m. and canned him on the spot, then “announced” the firing at 6:30 a.m. — on Twitter.  Between the coach and the AD it’s hard to say which one brought more shame and ridicule to the USC image. Continue reading

Sexy NBC cop drama on wheels makes debut

But will this fall’s ‘Ironside’ survive cripple stereotype?

Freelance writer/editor

He  rolls up to the couch. A dead man is lying with a knife in his chest.  A swarm of crime scene investigators turns up no clues to the man’s death.

But from his vantage point, Robert Ironside, a New York City TV detective paralyzed on duty by an assailant’s bullet, instinctively hones in on the instrument of death — a silver handgun.

“How the hell did you see that?” his partner asks. “I’ve got a different view of the world from down here, ” Ironside responds in dead-pan fashion. Continue reading

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