Senator blames Koch brothers for shutdown

Kansas High Court hears school lawsuit arguments

From the Wichita Eagle

TOPEKA — State lawyers told Kansas Supreme Court justices Tuesday that they should leave school funding decisions to the Legislature, while a lawyer for school districts, including Wichita USD 259, said lawmakers can’t be trusted to provide suitable funding as required by the Constitution.

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Washington stupidity at its best

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

So, let me see if I understand this correctly…

House Republicans shut down the government because President Obama and the Senate refuse to negotiate anything that has to do with The Affordable Care Act.

Non-essential government workers are sent home, non-essential government programs and institutions are stopped and closed; the government tried to bar WWII veterans from visiting the World War II Memorial and an innocent young park ranger was verbally accosted by Congressman Randy Neugebauer who told her her she should be ashamed even though he voted to shutdown the government; it is barricading scenic roadside parking areas to prevent people from viewing Mt. Rushmore; closing parking lots to privately run businesses that happen to be on government land; forcing people, including physically handicapped seniors, from their homes that sit on government park land; and not allowing privately run charter fishing businesses to operate off the coast of Florida are just a few examples. Continue reading

Investigation leads to an arrest

Olathe police today, Oct. 8, arrested Brian Dale Pittman, 44, in connection to a Sept. 29 incident in which an unresponsive person was found in the 16600 block of West 139th Street, Olathe.

A criminal investigation was conducted and later presented to the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office for review and that led to Pittman’s arrest.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the TIPS hotline at 816-474-8477 or the Olathe Police Department at 913-971-6950.



Promise nothing and nothing is all they get

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

America will never heal its ailing health care system until we find a cure for bad writing. Our physically and mentally ill are held captive by academia nuts and jargon jugglers incapable of composing a simple declarative sentence.

Bad writing is like bad food. It’s difficult to define but easy to detect. If the swallowing doesn’t make you ill, the indigestion will.  Nothing creates nausea-induced ambiguity like the writing of government reports, page after page of lip service and insincerity smothered with lame verbs like “enhance” and “explore” and “consider” and “facilitate.”  I call the syndrome “badverbia.” Continue reading

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