Washington stupidity at its best

Chuck Kurtz

Chuck Kurtz

So, let me see if I understand this correctly…

House Republicans shut down the government because President Obama and the Senate refuse to negotiate anything that has to do with The Affordable Care Act.

Non-essential government workers are sent home, non-essential government programs and institutions are stopped and closed; the government tried to bar WWII veterans from visiting the World War II Memorial and an innocent young park ranger was verbally accosted by Congressman Randy Neugebauer who told her her she should be ashamed even though he voted to shutdown the government; it is barricading scenic roadside parking areas to prevent people from viewing Mt. Rushmore; closing parking lots to privately run businesses that happen to be on government land; forcing people, including physically handicapped seniors, from their homes that sit on government park land; and not allowing privately run charter fishing businesses to operate off the coast of Florida are just a few examples.

If that wasn’t a big enough slap in the face to Americans, there’s more…

At the beginning of the shutdown, those non-essential government workers sent home were classified as being furloughed, meaning they would not be paid for the days they were not at work. After there was an enormous outcry from the American people when they found out elected officials would continue to receive their pay during the shutdown, they quickly voted that the aforementioned furloughed non-essential government workers would, in fact, receive their full pay once the government reopened for business.


These non-essential government workers also would be eligible to file for unemployment compensation during the shutdown.

Now, I’ve long held the belief that elected officials, once they get to Washington, become stupid. And if this “fix” for paying non-essential government employees isn’t the perfect definition of stupidity: elected officials shutdown the government, cause non-essential government employees to be furloughed, vote to give them their full pay when the government reopens plus allows them to apply for unemployment benefits.

To my way of thinking, that’s a paid vacation with a bonus…all being paid for by taxpayers.

Here are my thoughts:

Number 1. If they are non-essential employees, to me that means they’re not needed, anyway.

Number 2. If these non-essential employees eventually are going to be paid, then why not let them go ahead and work?

Number 3. Will the non-essential employees who do draw unemployment benefits during the shutdown, once they get paid for their time off, will they then have to pay back those unemployment benefits? Afterall, that’s what happens in the real world.

Number 4. I’m thinking that if these Washington idiots really want to see how to shut down the government, then I say we taxpayers top paying taxes. What are they going to do? Put us ALL in jail?

And Number 5. Send a message to Washington. Come next election, I think it would be great if voters ousted all of the idiots. If incumbent follows their name, simple vote for the other person. Period. The end. If we don’t, as voters, we then deserve the inept decisions and callous disrespect we get from the status quo of career Washington politicians.

It’s too bad the election isn’t this November.

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