JCCC police issue warning

Johnson County Community College is warning students about a man who is touching women inappropriately.

Authorities said the man was described as black, 6 feet tall and was wearing a gray hoodie made of shiny material with a maroon log on the front and dark gray pants.


Kline’s law license suspended

By The Capital-Journal

In a unanimous decision released Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court indefinitely suspended former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline from practicing law in the state of Kansas.

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The Debt Ceiling deal

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is the full text of the Senate’s CR Debt Ceiling deal. It’s 35 pages. Don’t want to wade through it? Don’t worry, neither do the elected officials in Washington. But if you do happened to actually read the legislation, pay attention to the “fine print.”)

U:\2014REPT\14rept\Amendment10-16-13C.xml SEN.APPRO.

AMENDMENT NO. llll Calendar No. lll Purpose: To provide continuing appropriations.


H.R. ____________________

(title) __________________________________________________________

Referred to the Committee on ___________ and ordered to be printed

Ordered to lie on the table and to be printed

AMENDMENT intended to be proposed by Mr. REID (for himself and Ms. MIKULSKI)

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