For fishermen, the dream never ends

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

My friends Steve and Tracy are bass fishing addicts, although that term is too weak to describe the level of their interest.

Steve and Tracy enjoy bass fishing more than life itself. They certainly love it more than eating or sleeping. They loved it so much they often convinced me, sometimes at gunpoint, to join their week-long fishing trips to Lake Fork Texas.  The child-like excitement — theirs — was palpable. After checking into our cabin Steve said good night but never went to bed. Like a child counting the hours to Christmas morning, Steve never sleeps on fishing trips. He remains upright all night in the cabin recliner, one eye on “The Fugitive” video — which we watch seven or eight times every trip. After the rest of us fall asleep sleep Steve steels himself staring at a test pattern from Nova Scotia, standing vigil over his tackle box. Continue reading

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