New KU TV deal stinks!

Tuesday night, Oct. 29: The start of the University of Kansas basketball.

Pizza’s in the oven, liquid refreshments are in the fridge, the cell phone is off, and the easy chair is ready for me to sit back, kick my feet up and watch the Jayhawks.

Man! I think they are going to be good this year. No, I mean REALLY, REALLY good and it’s going to be fun to watch ’em on the TV.

But in watching the news, I’m being told that unless I subscribe to certain cable companies, my television screen is going to be airing something other than the Jayhawks playing Pittsburg State tonight. Some kind of a deal that Kansas associate athletics director Jim Marchiony made with these select cable companies.

At first I thought it was a joke.

And then I read an Internet report that Time Warner Cable, Comcast and WOW! in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas are the exclusive cable carriers of two KU football and six basketball games this season: Exhibitions against Pittsburg and Fort Hays State and regular-season games against Louiaiana-Monroe, Iona, Towson and Toledo.

WOW!, Are you kidding me? I’ve never even heard of WOW! And why isn’t AT&T U-verse included in this deal?

That’s something a school like, say the University of Missouri, would do.

Marchiony says it’s all in the name of expanding KU coverage to throughout the nation.

I don’t care.

Seems to me what Marchiony has done smacks of snobbery and lack of appreciation for the years of support local KU fans have shown the team over the years — even during the (few) down years.

Oh, sure, the games also will be shown on ESPN3, a digital streaming service, and ESPN’s GamePlan package for cable and satellite. But basketball and football games on the Jayhawk Network will be blacked out on ESPN3 and GamePlan for users in Kansas or the Kansas City metro area.Mike Pedelty, director of communications for Time Warner Cable in Kansas City, told a local newspaper that, “We were trying to create a brand that’s consistent. One thing that didn’t change is the focus on Kansas City. The station will always keep an eye on local sports, there will still be a major commitment to high school sports, and we just signed an amazing deal with Kansas.”

Personally, I think the deal stinks! And if others do, too, I hope they email and call Marchiony to let him know about it.

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