From the Wichita Eagle

The Wichita Eagle reported that in front of a business audience in Wichita, Senate President Susan Wagle called Gov. Sam Brownback a “rock star and personal hero of mine.” She also asked, “Should (the Kansas Supreme Court) be interpreting law?” and “appropriating money?”

Brownback warned that if the state’s Supreme Court justices ruled against the state in the school finance lawsuit brought by several of the state’s school districts, that would trigger a legislative debate on the way justices are selected and suggested the Legislature would work toward creating a constitutional amendment that would be placed in front of voters.

Brownback, Wagle:
School finance ruling could trigger public fight over judge selection

By Dion Lefler
The Wichita Eagle

Gov. Sam Brownback and Senate President Susan Wagle told a Wichita business audience Thursday that the upcoming session of the Legislature will hinge on how the state Supreme Court rules in a school-finance lawsuit – a decision that could push lawmakers toward trying a constitutional amendment to change the way justices are selected.

“If that (ruling) comes out at the first of the legislative session, that will probably dominate the legislative session,” Brownback said. “It will be about K-12 financing and whatever the court rules.”

The justices are considering whether to uphold a decision by a three-judge panel that ruled the state is underfunding schools and hasn’t met its constitutional obligation to provide suitable funding for public education.

Wagle – whom the governor called a “rock star and personal hero of mine” – projected that a decision requiring lawmakers to increase school funding would push the Legislature to go to voters with a constitutional amendment to change the way Supreme Court justices are picked.

To read the entire article, click here.

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