Mock tornado to strike Olathe Nov. 14

Participants finishing Community Emergency Response Team training will be put to the test when a simulated tornado strikes Olathe on Thursday, November 14 at 7 pm at Olathe Fire Administration (1225 S. Hamilton Circle). Trained by firefighters, CERT students from local neighborhoods will react to this disaster scenario as part of their final exam.

CERT is an organized group of everyday people trained for disaster planning, preparedness and survival. Following a major disaster – like a crippling blizzard or tornado strike – professional first responders who provide fire and medical services may not be able to meet the initial, potentially overwhelming demand for these services. In a disaster, people will have to rely on each other for help to meet their immediate life-saving and life-sustaining needs. The probability for large numbers of wounded, disabled telecommunication equipment and road blockages may delay emergency service workers from reaching victims. CERT trains people to help meet Olathe’s needs at home or work in the event of a disaster. Learn more:

Captain John Sanches said, “CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety and doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people before, during and after a disaster.”


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