MNU prof publishes first interactive book on play therapy

Ask an adult what play therapy is and you may get a quizzical look. It’s no surprise then that children going into play therapy might need some help understanding it. Rebeca Chow, MA, LPC, LCPC, RPT/S, MNU play therapy program coordinator, has created the first interactive iPad application book for just that purpose. “Play Therapy Book” provides an introduction to the way therapists work with young clients.

Chow says she developed the app because the youngest clients needed a simple way to learn about play therapy.

“There are other books about it,” Chow says. “But they have too many words for a three year old. It’s difficult for those young children to learn about it. But technology is so prevalent that many three year olds know how to turn on an iPad to look at pictures and video. They might not sit still for a book, but they will for an interactive activity on an iPad.”

Another perk is that the application personalizes the book to the child. Users enter their name and answer simple questions about the issues they have. The app then creates a scenario that helps give the child a voice before they enter play therapy sessions. They can show the therapist what concerns them and Chow says this is very helpful to the therapist and child alike.

Chow has released the application for free. She thinks many therapists will recommend it to clients as well as use it in their practice, and she wants there to be no barrier to obtaining it for clients.

“The therapists who have seen this love it,” Chow says. “There’s a big move in play therapy to use technology during sessions. The iPad can even become a playroom in some circumstances.”

For more information on “Play Therapy Book” visit iTunes or this link:

For information on MNU’s 22-month accelerated Play Therapy Certification Program visit


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