Wedding Bans: It’s now about gender; it’s about endurance.

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Unlike my fellow Kansans, I am not worried about gay marriage. The only marriages that offend me are those that start with overdone weddings.

I am all in favor of a law, or even a constitution amendment, that makes it illegal to turn a standard wedding into an all-day affair —the ones where the bride and groom exchange vows they’ve written themselves while a five-piece orchestra plays most of the Bach repertoire.

Seventeen states have outlawed same-sex marriages.(see: Yet no state has taken corrective action to deal with:

• Wedding ceremonies that last more than 60 minutes, start to finish. This is a ritual of commitment, not endurance. Jail terms are handed down in less time.

• Wedding services where someone sings Noel Paul Stookey’s “The Wedding Song” or anything by Kenny Rogers. Continue reading

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