ENGLISH ONLY except for…

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Conservative Americans continue to resent a nation that forces them to live in the same community with people who cannot speak clear English. The extent of the oppression is measured by the number of times a lunch order gets screwed up in the Burger King drive-thru lane.

To counter this unrest 28 states have passed laws or amended constitutions to declare English as their “official” language.  So far, such laws have been implemented with only a few hundred hitches.

It turns out the most egregious offenders are government agencies run by English-speaking folks who would never consider working at a fast-food restaurant.

For example, states with “official English” laws have refused to re-name their local cities, streets and rivers — most of which currently bear names of German, Hispanic, or Italian origin, not to mention the names of Native American tribes. Apparently, it’s been an uphill battle to push “official English” on towns like Eichelbergertown (Pennsylvania) and Versailles (Missouri).  (The residents of Versailles pronounce it Ver-SIGH.  I mention this not as clarification but explanation.) Continue reading

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