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Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Poe’s Law

Paul D. Wilson

Paul D. Wilson

On Thursday, Indiana lawmakers made changes to RFRA to calm the national tsunami of gay discontent flooding the state. This isn’t new, Indiana joined 20 other states, giving businesses the right to not provide services to the gay community if that conflicts with their religious views.

Or, as Seinfeld’s Soup Nazzi said, “No SOUP for you [GAYS]!”

“The change in the RFRA law will hopefully put an end to the greatest misperception of all: that Indiana’s people discriminate, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Senate President Pro Tempore David Long.

This came after a host of organizations and groups from the band Wilco to 10 states and municipalities announced they were pulling out of conferences and events as a result of the law’s backlash.

Jesus himself never said anything about homosexuality. He could have as he talked about a lot of stuff and hung out with a sketchy crowd. His mantra was, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

If we are to error on the side of love, neither side is doing well in Indiana.

I’m a libertarian at heart and feel no business should be forced to provide services for anyone it finds offensive. Speaking of my gay friends, they have better connections to the best caterers, wedding planners and florists than any straight people. I don’t know a gay person forced to turn to an intolerant Christian for services. For me and my gay friends, neither would have an interest doing business with someone who didn’t want to do business with us. Why would we want to litigate someone into submission, have them cater our wedding, knowing all the time they hate us?

But in Indiana’s case, we don’t seem to be dealing with run of the mill gays or Christians. Both sides are the more militant sectors. The gay community claims they want to “live and let live”, but that is clearly not what’s happening. Christians who have never been asked to provide services for a gay wedding are righteously indignant. Gay activist groups who have never been denied services are trying to force those in opposition out of business. In spite of cries for “tolerance”, some Gays are demonstrating an equal dose of “no tolerance” for those who disagree.

Can’t we all just listen to show tunes and get along?

So what’s Poe’s Law, and why does it matter? Nathan Poe stated, “Without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism.”

Christians, can we talk? I’m a Christian. I support Biblical convictions and rights. But if we want to refuse gays, what about us doing a better job with other clients. When asked to cater a wedding, and it’s their second trip to the altar, investigate if the divorce was a Biblically sound reason.  If not, no cake. Did the bride come in wearing mixed fabrics and short hair? More sin. Is her engagement ring too pricey, gaudy? The Bible says that’s personal adornment, so no cake for Jezebel girl! Will there be alcohol at the reception leading to suggestive dancing? Is the bride or groom a little too chunky, a little gluttonous? Well, gluttony isn’t gay, friends, it’s one of the seven DEADLY sins! No cake for fatty!

If we are going to judge, let’s judge by the letter of the law. Don’t be “lukewarm” about it.   God said if you were lukewarm He would spit you out of his mouth! This Easter weekend, I would encourage us all to act a little differently than those on both sides of the issue in Indiana. Let’s focus on His primary message, his law; love your neighbor as yourself.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity, Chuck. I’m honored to be a part of this.

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