Message from Dr. Gary Morsch

Heart-to-Heart seeking volunteers/donations

Dr. Gary Morsch

Dr. Gary Morsch

EARTHQUAKE IN NEPAL: The world is witnessing another catastrophic earthquake, this time in the shadows of Mt. Everest. We, at Heart to Heart International have been working around the clock, preparing shipments of medicines and emergency supplies to be flown into Kathmandu this week.

I leave for Kathmandu via Dubai in just a few hours with a HHI Advance Team. Our job is to lay the groundwork for medical teams that are coming behind us, the first one being led by Dr. Jeffrey Alpert, departing Wednesday. We’ll also be making arrangements for the arrival of our shipments.

We’ve been in contact with numerous partners on the ground in Nepal, including mission organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and Nazarene Compassionate MInistries and James Copple of SAI, missionaries like Fletcher Tink and Jon Scott and KC’s own Timberlakes. 

Many of you have contacted me with advice and contacts and support. As I leave today, I may have limited email, FB, and phone access. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact HHI’s Dan Neal, or go online at to volunteer or donate.

And, please pray for the brave people of Nepal who have been devastated, and for the many people making their way to Nepal from across the globe to serve them.

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