Former Olathean’s book receives honorable mention

Woody Barlow

Woody Barlow

Tarzan Wore Chaps, a memoir of former Olathean Woody Barlow’s days growing up in rural, small-town Olathe, recently received an honorable mention at the 2015 Paris Book Festival.

“It is an heartening to be recognized at an international literary event, and to be included in their Table of Honor,” Barlow, who grew up in Olathe in the mid-1950s, said. “Thank you to all those who believe in Tarzan Wore Chaps, and the power of imagination.”

The Barlow family moved to Olathe from Kansas City, Mo., in 1948. Most still live in Olathe. Barlow graduated from Olathe (North) High School in 1964. After four years in the Navy, which included two tours in Vietnam, he returned to Olathe and worked 31 years as an air traffic controller with the FAA in Olathe retiring in 2002. He and his wife Lynne now live in Eureka Springs, Ark.

In Tarzan Wore Chaps, the year is 1956. After surviving polio and an eye operation, 10-year-old Woody woody barlow book coverescapes into a world of imagination where Tarzan rules the escarpment, and witches lurk behind shuttered windows. Readers follow Woody as he makes youthful mistakes, and tries to come to grips with getting older, unaware of the escalating Vietnam conflict.

When Olathe was nothing more than a rural, small town with a couple of grain elevators, two train depots — just a place where area farmers came on weekends to do all their shopping on the downtown square — no one was a stranger. Everyone knew everyone, and kids couldn’t get away with anything.

And that’s the setting of Barlow’s book, Tarzan Wore Chaps.

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  1. Chuck, thank you for the acknowledgement, and all for all your efforts to keep the people of Olathe informed. Even though I no longer live there it will always be home.

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