6th Annual Rock Orchestra Camp at MidAmerica Nazarene University

International recording artist and music education advocate Mark Wood, one of the founding members of the multi-platinum group Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has brought together some of the country’s most respected musicians and educators to participate in the 6th annual Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC) Music Festival to be held at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe from July 12-19.

Each evening will feature a different special guest artist from the faculty; culminating in a final extravaganza that will showcase Mark Wood performing with over 100 campers who are part of the rock orchestra.

“My goal is to create a unique environment for musicians who think outside the box and want to take their playing to the next level. I’m very proud to say that MWROC has truly become the ultimate training ground for the 21st century musician,” Wood said.

The Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC) has been held for one week every summer for the past 6 years and immerses campers in an intensive educational environment where attendees cultivate self-expression through improvisation, performance, and the latest technology.

Wood adds, “Attendees have the rare opportunity to work with many of the most cutting-edge musicians in their fields, all gathered in one place.”

According to one camper’s parent, “The faculty ‘gives back’ by inspiring the artists of tomorrow! I know my son’s life will forever be influenced by his experiences at MWROC.”

All concerts will take place in the state-of-the-art concert hall at the Bell Cultural Events Center on the MNU campus, 2030 E. College Way.


Created by international recording artist, electric violinist, and music education advocate Mark Wood, the goal of the Mark Wood Electrify Your Music Foundation is to change children’s lives by inspiring creative, innovative, and confident thinking; connecting imagination and intellect through the power of music. For the past 16 years, Mark’s programs, such as Electrify Your Strings!™ (EYS) and Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC), empower young people to think and act creatively in a world that consistently devalues the importance of music and arts in our schools.

Our mission is to support and strengthen America’s music education programs. Every generation has its challenges but this generation may have the most; with dreadful events occurring in our world, it’s hard for kids to keep positive. We truly believe that by developing the skills gathered in music and arts programs, young people can seize the tools they need to channel their emotions into artistic endeavors. America as a whole has been complaining about the lack of creative thinkers in our country yet we remove programs that can stimulate kids’ imaginations. Through our efforts, we hope to help these kids think and act beyond the box.

For more information on MWROC, please visit: www.mwroc.com

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