Big recycling day Oct. 17 in Overland Park

Make plans to recycle just about anything you can on Saturday, October 17, the Overland Park Fall 2015 Recycling Extravaganza.

·       Confidential documents shredded,

·       Usable building material collected by Heartland Habitat for Humanity ReStore

·       Clothing, housewares, small appliances, toys and many other items.

·       Electronics such as computers, monitors, printers, TVs, VCRs, cell phones and stereos, fee of $10 for CRT monitors and TVs, as well as projection type TVs.  Surplus Exchange

·       Bicycles will be collected by Revolve.

·       Up to 10 fluorescent bulbs per vehicle

·       Fabric and notions will be collected by Fabric Recycles.

·       Garden tools are being collected by Kansas City Community Gardens.

·       Gently used shoes – Shoe Kansas City ask for all sizes of shoes for both children and adults.

·       Durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower and bath chairs, crutches, hospital beds and more will be accepted by the Rehabilitation Institute.

·       Mattresses, box springs and bedding will be accepted by Sleepyhead Beds. 

·       Pet supplies such as crates, kennels, dog beds, tog toys, cat and dog food, and scoopable cat litter supplies will be accepted by Unleashed Pet Rescue

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