BNSF railway maintenance to temporarily close roads in downtown Olathe

The City of Olathe has received notification from BNSF Railway that it will begin extensive maintenance on railroad tracks and crossings in downtown Olathe beginning Thursday, Sept. 29, at 5 a.m. The work will result in closures at the following locations: Continue reading


JoCo Mental health failures

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Two decades ago the nation’s health care scholars established a blueprint — a set of litmus tests — for community mental health care. It was in the newspapers and everything.

Not everyone paid attention. Nowhere is this failure to follow the lead of modern medicine more vivid than in America’s upper middle class — the affluent suburbs. Consider Exhibit A — Johnson County, Kansas. Ninety-six percent of all Johnson Countians consider it a great place to raise a family, according to a Board of County Commissioners report. The commissioners don’t indicate how many folks consider it a great place to be treated for depression or bipolar disorder, which is to to be expected from officials who use the word “infrastructure” when measuring quality of life.

Mental health Litmus Test #1 was cited by a 1999 U.S. Surgeon General Report. You can look it up. The test looks for the existence of a local “surveillance: system that tracks the incidence of depression, suicidality and other emotional disorders in local population. One cannot reach the countless mentally ill persons in a community if nobody bothers to count them. One cannot discount the possibility that established surveillance methodologies were too confusing or awkward for Johnson County’s leadership. Continue reading

Olathe news briefs for the week of Sept. 26

City Council                                                          

The Olathe City Council will meet Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall for a regular session. Regular sessions are broadcast live on OGN (Comcast channel 7, AT&T channel 99 and on the City’s website). For a recap of the previous Council meeting, visit the City Clerk’s webpage.

Olathe Fire Department Open House Sunday, Oct. 9
The Olathe Fire Department Open House, featuring free educational activities, demonstrations and refreshments, will take place from noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 9, at Olathe Fire Station No. 1, 501 E. Old Hwy 56.
Continue reading


Don’t kid yourself — Trump can win

Paul D. Wilson

Paul D. Wilson

As the election nears, I tend to pay attention to three polling sources I’m partial to. I like Real Clear Politics, FiveThirtyEight and Reuters. For the first time they agree this race is tightening. On August 26th, Reuters called it Clinton 295, Trump 171.

Last week, that looked more like Clinton 242, Trump 243.

There are 10-12 states that can still be swing states, two of which split the Electoral College vote instead of the common winner-take-all. Seven, in particular, are having unexplained shifts, but think we can determine the genesis with relative certainty.

In the past few days, Florida has had an 11 point swing towards Trump. Pennsylvania, the state I personally think will play the biggest role, has had a 5 point swing. Nevada comes in at 5, South Carolina, 5, Colorado 8 and Iowa 11. Continue reading

Shots fired in Olathe neighborhood

By Paul Wilson

12289 Strang Line – Olathe
Shots fired, looking for a dented white Chevy Cobalt. 1 shooter left in car, 1 still on the loose



Pekarek is new general manager of Johnson County Wastewater

Susan Pekarek, chief engineer at Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) for the past three years and a 15-year employee with the department, has been named the new general manager of JCW providing sanitary sewer service to more than 400,000 customers throughout the county.

 She succeeds John P. O’Neil, who retired from JCW on July 1, ending a 27-year career with Johnson County. During the county’s national search for his replacement, Pekarek served as the interim manager of the department.

A resident of Overland Park, Pekarek will assume her new duties September 25. Continue reading


ObamaCare, analysts, health care, and Brad and Angela

David Chartrand

David Chartrand

Americans aren’t ready to read, or believe, stories about the accomplishments of ObamaCare. We aren’t ready to think anything positive about health insurance. We become especially cranky when forced to read stories about whether Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are really divorced.

No one hates reading about health insurance more than those who have health insurance but have to wait months to see a doctor or travel hundreds of miles to find a proper hospital. Continue reading

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