Election 2016 – More Light, Less Noise, Please

Paul D. Wilson

Paul D. Wilson

This week, I read a comment by one of my favorite bloggers, comparing a quote in the movie, “Princess Bride” to our choice of Presidential candidates.

If you are not familiar with the movie, Princess Buttercup is in love with Westley. However, she has been kidnapped by Prince Humperdink who intends to force her into marrying him instead. Princess Buttercup tells the Prince she plans to commit suicide overnight rather than marrying him the next day.

Humperdink replies, “Please consider marrying me… as an alternative to suicide.”

Sadly, that appears to be where we find ourselves in this election. There are usually strong differences in every election over issues and policies. But this time, the opposing sides seem to feel with equal conviction and emotion, my candidate is the only choice, yours is the Antichrist.

According to Pew Research, 57 percent of voters are frustrated, 55 percent are disgusted by both campaigns and staggeringly, only 15 percent of us are optimistic about the outcome.

Pew states the Democratic Party is becoming less white, less religious, but at the same time, better-educated at a faster rate than the rest of the country. Republican voters are becoming more diverse, better-educated and less religious at a slower rate than the country. Republicans are growing older more quickly, Democrats aging more slowly.

Never in my memory have we found our candidates in such a disingenuous, divisive slug fest.

A blog for which I write has about 10,000 readers a day, so my email and Facebook blow up with equally opposing viewpoints. Readers and friends go as far as fervently pointing out Bible passages that state their candidate is the anointed one.

Trump’s opposition said he’s unfit to lead after hearing the crude Billy Bush bus recordings that were released. The opposing point of view rebuts it was 11 years ago, and he’s sorry. He’s not perfect but is a man who loves his country.

Others comment that Hillary is the personification of evil. She’s for women’s rights, but has taken millions from Saudi Arabia; a country that kills gays and arrests women for driving a car. In stark contrast, she has equally offsetting supporters who claim, if you’re a Christian, she’s the only choice you can make and remain true to your core spiritual values.

We are watching a process that more closely resembles reality TV than a presidential election. It’s like we are tuned in to “The Bachelor”, where the stage is lined with contestants. One by one they have been eliminated and the final two are left standing. Bloodied, beaten, but fighting for the final rose.

The volleys never end. “Hillary is suicide for our government.” “Trump is suicide for our culture.” We, the people, are left with two questions; where is the truth and which evil is less evil?

For the first time in our history, we have Russians hacking campaign computers. What the candidates won’t come out and tell us is being released for our reading pleasure by WikiLeaks!

Increasingly, we have the sickening privilege of reading words never meant to be seen outside of the candidate’s inner circles. Clinton and certain key people within her campaign seem to have no use for the common every day person, the deplorables. Her staffers are seen clearly making fun Catholicism. Money is funneled from dubious sources in this dirty, dispiriting example of pay to play politics. We can see the foreshadowing of how big a piece of the next President donors and foreign interests want to own.

This is America; how far have we slid down the proverbial slippery slope? Frankly, I can’t wait for it to be over. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “O Lord, if it’s all the same to you, give us a little more light, a little less noise.”

We could use a healthy dose of both right now.

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