Walsh seeking Ward 3 seat


Advocating for public safety, education, and a strong local economy, Johnson County public safety professional Anthony Walsh announced his candidacy for City Council, Ward 3 at the Johnson County Election Office. Walsh spoke about his commitment to the Olathe community.

“It’s simple; city government is here to serve you. I will listen to you. We’ve got a great city here, but I see things I’m concerned about, and I know you are too. Public Safety, public education, and a thriving economy that supports small business are all important for Olathe’s future.

“I’m passionate about serving the people of Olathe, and I’m committed to making a better future for all of us and for our kids. We can make that happen, working together for a better Olathe.”

Walsh and his wife Cecelia have lived in Olathe for 10 years. Their son attends their neighborhood elementary school.

Walsh has scheduled a meet-and-greet from 10 a.m. until noon on Saturday, May 20 at the Olathe Hy-Vee, 151st and Blackbob. He will speak at 11. Learn more about Walsh’s campaign at http://walshforkansas.org/

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